Monday, August 25, 2008

It's a Watermelon!

Break out the cigars! It's a watermelon! There are 2 of them and although they are small now, we hope they will grow up to be big watermelons! We're curious to see if we can get it to grow square like the Japanese do.

Another striata zucchini. They really are monsterous. I prefer the smaller, sweeter ones. Their plants are also overwhelming to the garden bed.

Brussel sprouts

To my surprise, the pink dahlias are still going strong with lots of blooms. I cut them often and place them in the house as a centerpiece.

So are the pom pom like yellow dahlias.

Lots of tomatoes! Approximately 18 tomatoes per plant.

Lambs ear that I bought during the garden tour I did in the early summer.

Our cactus is doing really well on the dry side of the house!

And what is this beautiful flower?! Oh, it's me! The cosmos behind me is over 6 feet tall.

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