Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Tag Blanket

Look at what else this pink thumb can do. I wanted to try my hand at sewing and I love these adorable blankets that can be seen on etsy and other places these days. As an extra special present to my girlfriend who is having twin girls, I wanted to make these blankets for them.

  • Owl fabric $5.99/yard
  • Solid fabric $2.99/yard
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine ($100)
  • Variety of ribbon ($5)
Although I used the same pattern on the front, I used a different color on the back, so they could decipher between the two for the twins.

Mommy-to-be is a really cool chick and anti-frou frou, girly stuff, so I thought this pattern was pretty cool. It's girly, but not over the top. I love the owls and trees.

Gently wash the fabric with a tiny amount of laundry detergent and dry before proceeding. New fabrics (including clothing and furniture) emit chemicals which are harmful by both contact and inhalation (in large amounts). Babies are probably most sensitive to them by contact, so it's imperative to wash all new fabrics.

Using different pink and green ribbon, cut them to the desired length.

Cut the fabric to the desired size and shape.

Then arrange the ribbon around the fabric to see if there is enough ribbon, and to vary the pattern on the ribbon.

On the front side of the fabric, fold the ribbon in half and secure it to the fabric. I used scotch tape instead of pins because it was more convenient.

Then put the second piece of fabric down FACE DOWN. Think of a pillow case that is inside out.

Pin the 2 pieces of fabric together to keep them in place while you sew.

Get your sewing machine and thread ready.

Starting on one end, begin sewing.

When you get all around 4 sides, stop before you get to the end and leave an opening to flip the blanket inside out. At each corner, you want to sew in reverse and back forward again to make sure it's nice and tight, so that it doesn't rip easily.

Just to tidy things up, trim the edges off a bit.

Using the space you left open, gently start flipping the blanket inside out.

When it's all right side out, peel the scotch tape off the ribbon and discard it. Using the back of a wooden spoon (or something long) push the corners out so that they are nice and sharp at 90 degrees. Then iron it on low.

Using a needle and thread, sew up the little opening from the inside. It will be folded in so once you iron it, you won't be able to see the stitches.

There you have it! A baby tag blanket!

It wasn't difficult at all. It does require some problem solving, planning and imagination. I'm thinking of sewing some bags next. Any suggestions?


Julie said...

I love the way the blanket looks! But I question if it is practical for babies? Having none myself, and not having a lot of experience around children, I was just always told that baby blankets shouldn't have anything that a baby can catch his or her fingers in... which I would be nervous about with the tags. Is this not the case? I always crochet baby blankets and specifically look for patterns with no open areas that little fingers could poke through and catch in... but like I said, I have no baby experience, so it is quite possible that this could be a complete myth.

Melanie said...

Too cute! I just recently started teaching myself to sew. I made a valance without a pattern, and it doesn't look half bad. I look forward to more of your sewing projects. It's so nice to see them laid out before I attempt them. It makes them seem almost doable for me.

Anonymous said...

My name is Kylene. I found your site by googling "tag blankets" and I saw Julie's comment.

I have an 8 month old son. I was given a tag blanket as a gift when he was born. My son LOVES it. He loves the different textures and sucking on the ribbons. I have noticed that babies LOVE sucking on the tags of stuffed animals, car seat straps, high chair straps. There is something about those things that MANY kids chew on. The tag blanket lets them chew on the 'tags' but allows you to throw it in the laundry. My son and I love his tag blanket. :) And he hasnt ever gotten his fingers stuck in the loops. He's too busy chewing.

Jennie said...

My 6 month old daughter loves this type of "blankie." It was donated to us when she went to the hospital for a minor procedure. The tags on her blankie are all different textures and that is what she likes best. She uses it only when she sleeps - she will rub her face with it and suck on it (so it's important that the tags are very secure, but we've not had any issues with ours).

Kacey said...

I am so excited with how my blankets turned out! Too bad I'll have to wait a few months before babies they are intended for arrive :) Thanks especially for the tip about the tape - it worked like a charm.

Cami said...

I loved your tutorial!! Especailly the "taping the ribbon" NEVER would have thought of that. I even linked your tutorial on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I was also concerned about making a blanket with "loop" tags and have decided to sew my loops shut making just a straight tag. My youngest baby is 15 years old now but of my 4 girls I remember at least one twisting a tag around their finger and turning it blue. It was very scary. There was no damage done but I couldn't stop thinking about what might have happened if this would occur at the beginning of the night and wasn't seen until morning. The tag on that "special" baby was cut to stop the "twirling" while my daughter was falling asleep. Sewing the loops won't stop sucking or feeling but can avoid "twirling".

Mom2Coy said...

Thanks for the tutorial. This seems easier than the one I used to make my first tag blanket tonight. One question. I don't understand how I sew up the opening...and hide the stitch at the same time. Can you help?

Candace said...

Babies of all ages love these little blankies. I have a friend that I am making a set of these for her baby due in January. Might I suggest making a "pair" of tag-blankies, so that while one is in the wash, you can use the other...

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