Friday, July 29, 2011

July 2011

We've had some icky weather the last couple of weeks. It went from 112F at one point to just soaking swampy wet rain. It's been making yard work quite unbearable. I haven't set foot in the garden except to snag a few things and run.

Pear tomatoes - I read great reviews on these, but next year I'm going to go back to the grape tomatoes. The pear tomatoes just weren't impressive to me. They were less prolific and weren't very crack resistant.

My husband likes them though because they are less "goopey" (Yes, he made up a word.) inside.

There's lots of basil, some cucumbers and more tomatoes.

My heirloom tomatoes are beginning to ripen. This was an "extra" plant I had that I just couldn't bear to thin when I was starting my seeds. I planted it on the side our house that doesn't get much water or rain and yet look at it!

Another harvest.