Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Different Type of Flower

Not quite from the garden, but still a flower and "to the table". My girlfriend Renee is pregnant with identical twin girls! For her baby shower, I made her these "baby bunches" using wipes and socks. She loved them!

Fold the wires in half and then wrap it around the flower and twist. It is much easier this way than the way I did last time by trying to twist one end of the wire to the flower. It also makes it easier for mommy-to-be to undo them afterwards.

Also, these terry cloth wipes were much easier to twist into flowers than the rigid cloth that I used last time. I love these because occasionally there will be a bear or flower that sticks out.

Using little socks, I rolled these little buds. They are so cute.

Then I held them together and arranged it how I liked before wrapping the ends with floral tape.

I added some tulle to fluff it up and some ribbon. And there you have it! A happy mommy-to-be!

(blouse from Anthropologie)


Baby and Me said...

Awww she looks so cute! I love this idea! I have a shower this weekend so I think I will steal it!

Creature Gorgeous said...

OMG, that's so awesome!