Sunday, December 27, 2009


In September, I took some cuttings from my Knockout Rose and tried to root them. I read about it on Gardener's Net and just thought I would try it since my rose bush seems to be doing so well. It seems to be working because I noticed these new red buds! This spring I will transplant them.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Roll Call 2010

I've got my list of seeds ready to go. From each company, I've done my research as to what I want to try and what works. John Scheeper's is my first choice because everything there is tested and selected. For heirlooms or anything specialty, I would stick to JS. Prices between 2.79 to 4.95 per pack.

Same with Renee but their seeds are cheaper (2.79 for all but you have to check the number of seeds you are getting). I like Renee because of all the flower choices and they have beautiful illustrations and how to's on the back of the seed packet.

My least favorite is Burpee. I really don't care for them at all, but they were the only ones selling plants. I already put in my order. Last year I bought the seeds and they don't tell you this on the website but included a note in my order that these seeds have very low success rate if started at home.

The annual herbs I just go to Lowe's or Home Depot or even Target. It's all $1.29 or so. Now that I have a designated area for herbs, I'm hoping they will reseed themselves and I won't have to buy seeds anymore.

John Scheeper’s Kitchen Garden Seeds
4265 Persimmon Tomatoes
4240 Black Russian Tomatoes
4345 Juliet Grape Tomatoes
8130 Horse Radish (roots)
8080 Sweet Potatoes (tubers)
1010 Artichokes
2942 Bok Choy
2935 Chinese Brocolli

Renee’s Garden
5078 Squash, Scallop
5364 Squash, Yellow Crockneck
5933 Beans, Emerite Filet Pole Beans
5198 Beans, Edamame Soy
5845 Chard, Neon Glow
5620 Cucumber, Chelsea Prize (English)
5834 Cucumber, Endeavor (pickling)
5372 Lettuce, Garden babies (butter lettuce)
5459 Basil, Window box (bush type)
5926 Celery, Amsterdam Seasoning (thin cutting celery)
5225 Chamomile
5105 Runner bean, Magic bean stalk
5407 Zinnia, Berry Basket
5298 Sweet Pea, Mary Lou Heard
5414 Poppy, Native Orange
5363 Poppy, Tropical Sunset
5922 Poppy, Falling in Love

15792T Garlic, Early Italian (bulbs)
23039 Eggplant, Fairytales (3 plants)

Park Seed Co.
5675 Squash, Small Wonder (spaghetti squash)

Local Stores
Lemon Basil
Genovese Basil
Dukat Dill
Carrots (5” variety)
Watermelon, Ruby Hybrid Seedless
Peppers (nursery starts)

I forgot to mention Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They do nothing but heirloom vegetables. They seem very genuine, but I haven't had much luck with the few seeds I ordered from them. I don't think it's their fault. I think it's because they ARE heirlooms and their success rate is just lower simply because they are more delicate. I love perusing their catalog at all the "strange" looking vegetables.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Gantt Chart

With so many veggies and flowers, I find it hard to keep up with their needs once the summer progresses. I often simply forget that eggplant needs side dressing and what bugs to look out for, etc. Typically, I make lots of lists, but for next year I made this gantt chart just to give me an overall view of things. It acts as a reminder of how long each plant takes before harvest, co-planting (or planting the tomatoes where the peas were), balance out the harvest and a side note for any special needs.