Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Shape Up

Since it's September, this is the time to begin dividing your perennials and transplanting them. Don't forget to water them regularly after you've moved them. It's also a great time to cut your garden beds now too.

What's new?
  • I transplanted 2 trees that my neighbor was getting rid of. I placed on against the fence and another in front of our condensing unit to conceal it from the front of the house. I was afraid they wouldn't survive, but I've been watering them and they seem to be doing ok.
  • I divided & transplanted a ton of mature Hosta given to me by my neighbor. I made a border of them along the back of the yard. They are solid green.
  • Also from a neighbor, I transplanted a small leaf Azalea to the very back garden bed. It has really pretty tiny leaves with a little bit of reddish on the tips. The branches also have that japanese maple look where it looks tiered.
  • Then I transplanted some red leaf little tree or shrub that has white flowers in the spring. I don't know the name of this yet.
  • I divided and transplanted a ton of Irises in Purple, White and Burgundy. I must have moved 40 bulbs.
  • I cleaned up the weeds, brush and worn veggie plants.
  • I cut a new garden bed along the back and side of the shed. It still needs some more work, but it's getting there.
  • I planted a little Crepe Myrtle.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Cause breakin' up is hard to do

After spending 2 wonderful weeks with Tego, it's back to gardening. I miss him dearly. He even had a special fondness for my heirloom tomatoes.

So it's September already! Time to clean up the garden. I cut all my spent veggie plants back and worked the soil a bit. My next project is the very back of the yard. I started breaking up some Irises that I had on the side of the house and making new homes for them along the back garden bed. I plan on reworking this whole area and planting some low maintenance perennials back here. It's about 8' deep from the fence and will need a lot of mulching. I will lay down some of that plastic landscaping material as well.

Shown above: Evergreen, lilac, pepper plants, sedum, dianthus, knockout rose, basil, black eyed susans.

So maybe next year, the garden bed will look like this one! I'm really proud of how this area turned out. It took a lot of time and many mistakes, but it was well worth the effort.