Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Painted Shed

Each time I walked pass the shed this summer, I kept thinking "It needs something." Last spring, I painted the shed in the likeness of the house. I added a few small decorative touches, but it just wasn't prominent enough due to the distance. So today, I decided to see what else I could add to the shed.

Along the bottom are various flowers and a butterfly. The size is exaggerated, so it can be seen from the house. My least favorite is the toadstool. I love toadstools, but it seems too literal. I may paint over the toadstool and start again.

Along the top of the door, I painted a vine inspired by my Cathedral Bells. As a nod to my husband, I included a hummingbird which are one of his fascinations.

I used a 1/2" flat brush and layered the paint on in layers to create depth.

Another view

In other garden news...
  • Moved house plants inside to a sunny spot.
  • Started snow peas and sugar snap peas in a pot.
  • Potted bell pepper plant.
  • Rooting more basil.
I broke the chicks off the mother hen and arranged them in a "yin and yang" pattern. I put a few others near my other cactus to pretty it up.


Coveiter said...

nicely done!!

{ julie }

miss shortcake said...

very cute! we came home to a mostly dead garden and a backyard covered by our pumpkins plants!