Saturday, October 11, 2008


At Home Depot, the shrubs and trees are all 50%-75% off, so I picked up these boxwoods for $3! Dig your hole twice as wide and deep as the pot to ensure the soil is loose enough for the roots to get established. Place the plant in the hole and water well.

Boxwood is a compact shrub that makes a nice and neat border. It also stays green all year long. I lined them along a curve around my peonies. They will help act as a natural "fence" to hold the peonies up when the heads get too heavy. Then I planted the lambs' ear that I was rooting in the shade of the boxwood.

Here's another shot of the Cosmos. It's in full bloom and looks so pretty.

I spent the day raking up the debris and cleaning up the garden.

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Miss Shortcake said...

oh. I love boxwood - it's so "colonial" - when I "grow up" I want a border hugging the walls of my brick, black-shuttered, house!