Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moseying About

While my husband worked on the kitchen, I cleaned up the yard and organized the shed. I weeded and potted up some flowers for the window boxes. It may be Fall, but I still like to spruce things up where I can especially for Halloween festivities.

I cleaned all my extra pots and potted up my rosemary and Thai basil that I rooted. Remember my 10' tall Cosmos? I trimmed some of the branches and put them in a vase in our dining room. It makes a beautifully tall centerpiece. It's really impressive in person. Since they do so well in the Fall, next year I'd like to plant a ton of them in the very back of the yard.

I had 2 more bell peppers today and it looks as though there will be more if it survives the cold. In the mean time, my green tomatoes that I picked when I hacked everything down are starting to ripe.

This chilly weather is perfect for some soup, so I made the husband some beef barley soup! His favorite. The recipe is here.

Then for dessert, I made Apple Dumplings for the first time after my friends Mary and Steve told me about them. They are both from the Dutch Pennsylvania area and these are staples. Steve eats his in a bowl with milk poured all over it. YUM!!

Mmmm, did I get your hungry yet??


Baby and Me said...

Starving! I am craving apple anything!

Tara said...

Your shed window boxes are the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

Sarah said...

Those dumplings look so good. Can you post the recipie for those?