Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cherry Blossom or Weed?

How awesome is this?!! I found a cherry blossom tree growing under our deck. It's been there at least 2 years because I thought it was a weed and kept cutting it back. I gave up on cutting it, then I noticed my neighbor had a similar weed in her front yard near her rose bed. Me thinks, why is she nurturing a weed? So I asked her yesterday and she told me it's a cherry blossom tree, but that what I have is probably a weed. Today, I went back to my weed and checked out the leaves and they were the same as the cherry blossom across the street. Looking at it more closely I recognized the horizontal ridges in the bark. Then it hit me! It's a tree!

I dug it up quite brutally because I had no leverage to dig it up from under the deck. I potted it and watered it generously. I hope it survives. I have to read up on how to care for it over this winter.

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Harmony said...

What a great find! I have the toughest time figuring out what is a weed and what is desirable in our yard. Glad you found a keeper!