Thursday, May 14, 2009

Veggie Bed

On Tuesday, I planted most of my veggie seedlings into the garden bed. In order to avoid some weeding this year, I laid down some "landscaping material" to suppress the weeds. It's pretty strong stuff, but also flexible enough that I can easily cut holes out where I want my seedlings to be. The material also retains moisture which is a plus.

I planted my tomato, bell pepper, eggplant, jalepeno, summer squash and chili pepper plants. I also started some radishes in a container and I'll work on starting some carrots in a container next. Last year, the carrots were a waste because the ground was too hard whereas you can amend the soil more easily in a container. This weekend, I'll prepare some other garden beds for the corn and pumpkins which are ready to go out now. I still haven't decided where to plant my watermelons and bottle neck gourds yet. In other news, the peas are doing really well.

It's going to be raining this weekend, so we'll probably be over in Our Place doing some home improvements... :)

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