Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Container Gardening

I know I know. With a yard like mine, why am I growing things in containers? Veggies actually do grow better in containers since you can control the soil and shield it from the elements. I decided to do carrots in a container this year since it requires very soft loamy soil to grow nice straight carrots. Also, I chose a shorter carrot (5") to grow.

I took an old plastic bin and my husband drilled large holes in it for drainage. I filled with own mix of compost, verminculite and peat moss for a soft, light consistency.

I did two rows of carrots. Then I took advantage of the space "above ground" and planted some basil plants down the center. The basil leaves will provide some shade which will help retain moisture during the hotter weeks. If they take up too much space, I can still transplant the basil without disturbing the carrots.

Also in containers, I have radishes, summer squash, white "saucer" squash, and bell peppers. I just want to see how they do in containers as compared to the ones in the ground. During the hot summer, I can also go harvest some veggies more easily without going to the back of the yard.

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Tanya Boracay said...

Oh great, you trying to plant some carrot here.

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