Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back Garden Bed

Now that all the flowers are blooming and all the vegetable seedlings are in the ground, there is nothing left but to give myself a new project to do!

The veggie patch was the first thing we ever dug up and I chose the spot based on the amount of sunlight this area received making it perfect for a veggie garden. However, lacking experience I didn't think about aesthetics. It's just a square in the middle of the back of the yard making it a big eye sore. The garden stakes and netting doesn't help either. It's okay when things are growing, but right now it looks terrible. I have been thinking about different ways we could do to make it look better like rounding the corners off, but realized it's like a bad haircut - The more you try to make it look better, the worse it will get. We thought about putting sod back over it, but then where would the veggies go?

So I swallowed my pride and decided to extend the back garden bed out about 5 feet and creating a concave curve from one end of the yard to the other (blue line). Whatever is still beyond the blue line, we'll patch over with grass seed.

The plan is:
  • To move the tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants into this new extended garden bed.
  • Move the landscape material (brown paper) with it.
  • Instead of mulch (which has chemicals), put peat moss on top of the landscaping material for looks.
  • Plant two rose bushes, two rings of Irises (when it's time to divide & transplant), dianthus (edible perennial flowers), and sedum, which will look beautiful next year. This way there is color all summer long and they are heat/drought tolerant.
  • In back center under the shade, plant hosta and foxglove.

Cutting this garden bed wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Since it's been raining, the ground was quite soft. I started a foot out from the previous garden bed line. I went back to the house and looked from our deck to see if it was deep enough, curvy enough, etc. I went back and kept digging out further and further until I got the look I wanted.

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Robby said...

Check out the grass seed Pennington has available (www.penningtonseed.com). I hope this helps with your lawn!