Sunday, May 3, 2009

Before & After

It's been cloudy and drizzling the last few days which is a great opportunity to weed. The rain has been really good to the plants too. We also decided to mulch today which will keep the weeds away and retain moisture. As much as I dislike mulch, I found it really difficult to keep up with all the weeding last summer.

I'm a sucker for before and after pictures, so here are some:

Last Year: Bought the boxwoods at the end of the season last fall for $3! I transplanted some lamb's ear and extended the "curved" garden area.

Today: The boxwoods have new growth and I realize the one on the far right is a different type of boxwood from the others. The pink Peony and Siberian Irises will eventually tower over the bird fountain. Since I transplanted them last year, it's likely they won't come up strong until next year. The bird fountain was a wedding gift from our Best Man. The autumn joy is another transplant which will add color to the garden when everything else is finished it's bloom.

2 1/2 Weeks ago:

After: I pulled the Firecracker plant back because it's very invasive and was swallowing up some other flowers. I may have to pull it back every year or move it completely to somewhere in the back of the yard. The Kansas peony is my favorite in a deep fuschia color. It's very tall this year! The white lilies were also a gift and have multiplied a great deal.

2 1/2 Weeks ago:

After: The line I drew is that I need to extend the garden bed some more. I divided the daylilies and autumn joy and spread them around.

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Alyssa mommy said...

oh la la! So fancy! The garden looks great!