Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camou your Veggie Patch

So if you were wondering why I was leaving drive by pictures this week, it's because I'm hard at work on the back garden bed. Here's a sneak peak of the concept I'm working on.

Using that weed suppressing landscaping material, I cleaned off an area to put my corn patch for this year. It's right against the shed, lots of sun, water and it's unobtrusive. I cut 4"x4" spaces out of the material in rows and plopped 2 corn seeds in each hole. Thin to the strongest one plant per hole. It's been 2 weeks and now they are at yummy bunny eating height and I know I've been successful with each planting hole,'s ugly as all with the rain and wind blowing all sorts of stuff on it. The material isn't something off a fashion run way either.

So I topped it off with about 1" high of peat moss. Peat moss has all kinds of uses and one of them is you can use it to "mulch". It's safe for veggies because it doesn't contain chemicals like the landscaping wood mulch. Looks better huh?

Then I had to put up the old ugly wire fence to keep the bunnies out until the plants are tall enough out of the bunny nibbling reach. In the corner is a container of pumpkins which I plan on co-planting with the corn. The pumpkin vine will act as a natural ground cover to keep weeds somewhat at bay.

Mmm Do you like your corn with or without butter? Or what else do you put on your corn?

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