Friday, July 11, 2008

What? I can't hEAR you!

Who doesn't love sweet corn in the summer? The corn is my newest addition, so each day I look forward to their progress. Once they have set in, they are easy to grow and require no maintenance.

They are taller than me now and I'm 5'1/4" tall.

July 3rd - Suddenly these hairy top thingys popped out. Slowly, I began to see the shape of the corn swell a bit.

July 6th - We came back from the beach and now you begin to see the ear forming and sticking out. Kinda like when a pregnant chick goes from 4 months to 5 months.

July 7th - The tops were changing color and the ear began to develop further.

July 10th - Now we're just waiting for them to get nice and juicy. They should be ready to eat soon.

[click to enlarge photos]


Kate said...

How cool! Those look like they're be tasty! All home-grown veggies are tastier. I wonder if your corn will be super sweet?

Chris said...

Tht is pretty cool. When did u start growing vegitables? Please comment on my blog. My blog hasn't gotten off to a very good start and i think i just need some motavation to get going. Thnx!