Saturday, April 3, 2010


Today, I spent some time tidying up the yard and touching up the edges around my flower beds.

I expanded the area around my "island". After I planted so many things around the tree, the area around the plants just wasn't enough to keep it neat. I had to bring it out about 18" to give the island more room to maintain its shape. I rounded out this end and exenuated its curves.

This doesn't look pretty, but it was necessary. Until the seedlings and seeds grow in, I had to gently throw a net around my plants. It's squirrel season and they are doing a number in the garden beds looking for their peanuts. If they don't find their peanut, they keep digging and digging in the same spot. Otherwise, the raised beds are awesome and I love working in them.

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M and C said...

We're hoping to start our raised bed next weekend. It snowed here last week and has been really windy, so I'm glad we waited. I almost started two weeks ago.