Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Hump Day

We had a quick down pour of rain this week which helped move the veggies along in their growth. It looks like they had a growth spurt.

No tour is complete without a cameo by Basil. That's a raspberry plant next to him. They grow like wild fire, so I'm going to keep it in a large pot.

Pole beans are coming around. I staked them with a 6' pole which isn't enough. I just assumed it will go up and across the fence.

Broccoli plants are getting pretty big. They are about 10-12" across now.

My neat line of sugar snap peas. That's garlic in the very front of the photo.

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thehighernest said...

I'm just crazy about Basil (and I don't mean just the herb). I always look forward to your posting his photos on Facebook :).