Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mid April Update

The fruits of my labor! From last summer and fall, I was working on planting flowers throughout the yard. It's really looking good. I wish you could all see it in person to get the overall view of the garden. In photos, it just doesn't do it justice.

Raised veggie bed. The transplants have settled in nicely and are grower now. It's still too early, but I did pop some pole bean and early-type cucumber seeds into the bed. The sugar snap peas have germinated and will need to be trellised soon. The garlic is also beginning to sprout! We'll have some garlic this fall.

Up-close of the escarole. There's lots of new growth from the center (heart). I use escarole in soups like Italian wedding soup or just any chicken & pasta soup. When eaten blanched or stir fry, it's very bitter.

Tomato and zinnia seedlings. The tomatoes took off last weekend when we had that burst of warm weather. It's about time that I repot them into their 3rd set of cups. By mid May, they will be ready to place outdoors. I'm going to mix Zinnias into the raised garden bed so that there is some color throughout.

In other news, the spinach, radishes, lettuce, and bok choy are doing well on the side raised bed. Some of my perennial herbs are coming back too.

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