Sunday, April 18, 2010

Johnny Jump Up

It was a little chilly today, but it was the perfect day for some garden maintenance. In the morning, I set up a support for my sugar snap peas. I had something fancier in mind, but this worked last year, so why deviate from a good thing, right?

Basil is so awesome! When I garden, he feels the need to be involved. The peas' support is behind him along with 4 plants of Kale and some Johnny Jump Ups (aka Violas) along the edge.

JJUps are considered edible which is why I wanted to use them in the veggie garden bed. They also come in a variety of purples and yellows which are really pretty. They have such dainty flower petals.

I had an extra one which I potted with my Oregano that I overwintered in the house. Behind it is a Columbine with white flowers that my mom gave me last year.

Columbine 2009 - This is what it looked like last year.

The tomato plants were getting too large for the foam cups that I potted them in, so it was time to upgrade their crib until it's time to move out in mid-May. Of the 4 plants (of each variety), I only kept 2 of each. That's still 8 tomato plants which I'm going to need to find room for. This coming week is suppose to be in the 70s which will help the tomatoes take off. The peppers are still really slow to grow.

In other news, I had to do some damage control and dig up some perennials that my MIL gave me. They were so invasive that they were choking out my other plants. I tried doing it last summer, but the ground was too hard and the roots had really developed. Since it's still early and the soil is really moist from the rain, it was a lot easier to dig up. I hope I got it all. They had wrapped their roots all around my peony and roses.

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