Monday, June 1, 2009

I Like Naps

I over did it on Saturday by gardening from 7am to 9:30pm! I should never do that again because I couldn't even sleep due to the physical pain and tension. This evening I took a long nap (which I never do) after work and I feel so refreshed. I was still able to get a few things done:
  • Planted the Ghostbuster eggplant into the ground.
  • Planted the pink Wave Petunias under the cherry blossom tree.
  • Fixed up the landscaping material and spread some peat moss over top.
  • Weeded/pulled out more Vinca groundcover that is just engulfing everything.
  • Planted the Watermelon into the ground.
  • Thinking about where to locate my potted Bottle neck gourd, Wax Wintermelon, Spaghetti Squash, and English Cucumber. I potted them for a few reasons - The vines get "messy" between the growth, watering, and weeds. Also, they are tender and a few times I've snipped some by accident. This year, I mulched the flower beds which are also up against the fence that I would normally allow my vines to ramble. I'm thinking of elevating the pots in the garden bed against the fence so they can still use the fence and be watered regularly by my sprinkler system. Now I'm deciding where exactly I should place each particular vine based on when they fruit.

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