Monday, June 29, 2009

It's food!

I picked some raspberries and as I ate them, I felt like Survivor Man. :D Lots happened last week. I already harvested handfuls of peas 3 times last week, 3 summer squashes, and lots of herbs and arugula.

More Summer Squash

Genovese Basil and carrots in my "test garden" container. I can't believe that early this month, these looked like this.

Do you remember the herb garden that I started in May?

Here it is now!

Here's a close up of the Sage (left) and Lemon Basil (right) I'm surprised at how well the basil did since I thought I was going to lose them when I planted them initially during the cold, rainy spring.

I need to start making some pesto very soon!

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Alyssa mommy said...

Yeah!!! My favorite part, food! Those raspberries sure do look good!