Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain Rain

We've had (and will have) some severe thunderstorms this week. It's great for my plants now that they are all in the ground. Even my hanging basket survived the storm. Isn't she purty?

Cilantro - Making some salsa and fish with this soon.

Here's my "test garden" - I potted a few things to see just how well they would do in pots and shielded from the elements. In particular, I'm curious to see the potential of the bell pepper plant which haven't been doing well in the ground.

Over the last two evenings, I have been working on this side of the house which we deemed the "ugly side". It has really come a long way. I transplanted a lot of things to camouflage the condensing unit. From left to right: Sedum, Cactus, Lavender, Mum, St. John's Wort, Mint, Irises (which I'm transplanting around the yard), lyschmia, and Spiderwort. It's still a work in progress. I feel like this side of the house needs a maple tree.

Red Nasturtiums - I'm training these to grow up the railing.

I thinned the carrot seedlings so they have room to develop and they beginning to show their little fuzzy carrot tops - how cute! The basil is starting to get crowded too, so I will have to move those soon, but where?!? I have no more room!

Radishes - It's so red that it looks like candy.

In other news, the peas are ready soon. They are up to my shoulder in height with blooms all over. Some of my eggplant seedlings are doing better, so I'll give them some more time and pot them. I'm wondering when it will be okay to plant my Sunflower seedlings.

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