Saturday, June 20, 2009

Garden Views

It's been raining for quite some time, so I haven't been in the garden snapping photos. Here are a few from today.

The Delphinium (blue flowers) is 5 times as big as last year and very hearty. Everything is doing so well in this area. I'm running out of room here for them. The orange Star Gazer Lily has also bloomed and is about .75" thick.

I tied some black netting to the deck here. Below is a vine (left behind yellow lily) which is my spaghetti squash. It's already starting to climb vigorously onto the netting. It's potted and I put a sprinkler into the pot to keep it evenly watered. I thinned this garden bed out already and transplanted some thing. This fall, I'm going to move the Irises because they are blocking my Peony. Also, I have too much growing around the base of my Dogwood tree, so I'm moving all that stuff.

Left is my purple garden which is doing really well now. To the right is my island. I have my potted squashes there because it's easier to water and gets more sun than the deck. To the back you'll see my Winter melon making it's way up the fence. I'm undecided if I should leave it there though.

Here's my test garden. Carrot tops, basil (which I've already been harvesting) and 1 radish. I think it's time to take it out.

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