Sunday, June 22, 2008

Welcome to Summer!

On Wednesday, we had our first harvest of sugar snap peas and 4 zucchinis. Both were delicious!

Edamame - They grow in clusters and are almost ready to eat. English Cucumber - The cucumber near the sprinkler is doing the best. They require a steady supply of water. It's beginning to climb the lattice.

Heirloom Tomatoes - The tomato is finally starting to show. Notice the ridges along the fruit. The seed packet description says it will look like a flower when sliced. I can't wait to taste one of these. Cherry Tomatoes - My neighbor started these. It's nice to have a variety of sizes for salads.

Corn, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, dianthus, marigolds, zinnias, perilla. Weeding is really keeping me busy.

Hydrangeas - They look beautiful this year! One side is violet and the other side is blue due to the pH of the soil. My husband says it looks like "Berry Captain Crunch" cereal.

Lilies - These are really pretty. I like these far better than the orange ones. I never cared for lilies until now. They are a very reliable sturdy flower that comes back year after year.

Foxglove - Our 2nd foxglove is finally blooming. Next year, we'll get one more, so that there will be blooms each year since it's a biennial plant. Tiny rose the size of my pinky; the plant was a present from my neighbor.

The garden beds.

Bleeding Hearts - Got these off a neighbor. I noticed they were being squashed under a gutter, so I kindly asked if they didn't care for them, if they would mind if I have it. New additions - St. John Wort - not sure where to plant this yet. Can anyone tell me what the purple plant on the left is of the St. John Wort? My mom gave it to me, but I don't know the name of it. It's really tall. I'm going to relocate it next year.

We got another jade plant (atleast that's what I think it is). We've affectionately given it the name of "Shrek ears" because they look Shrek's Ears from the movie.


Kate said...

Ooh I love those Shrek's Ears! Are those a type of succulent?
Miss Pom

Coveiter said...

wait, so the color of the plant can be affected by the ph balance of the soil?!! this explains a little section in my grandmother's bed. all the flowers in that area turn a certain color. it's either white or red - i can't remember.

and that's good to know about the lilies being reliable. i just planted a few in our bed.