Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gardening for Beginners

People often say to me, "Oh Anita, you have such a green thumb. I wouldn't be able to do it. Everything I plant dies. How do you do it?" Here are some tips. I swear by #1.

1. Start off Small - It can become overwhelming with the choices of soil, plants, seeds, and tools. Think about what you want to plant and just go with that initially. Purchase things as you need them and not all at once.

2. Start in the Spring - By Summer, it's often "too late" and the mosquitoes are out. That's what scared me out of gardening for a year after planting my first plant.

3. Take Notes - Often times, I carry a little notepad and pen. I go around jotting down names of plants. I go home and Google it to read about the needs of the plant. I also like to Google Image it because I like seeing how big it will grow.

4. Work with Your Space - Do you have a small plot in shade? Do you have a bright sunny window? Do you have a sunny balcony? Work with what you have and don't try to force it. Container plants do better because the variables are controlled.

Happy Gardening!


Colleen said...

Looking forward to the blog!!


Coveiter said...

love the name - pink thumb!
can't wait to see your garden progress!