Sunday, September 26, 2010

Front Yard

I'm getting ready for the winter and preparing for next spring. With the back yard being close to complete, I'm focusing on the front yard.

I moved 4 boxwoods that were in the back yard up to this corner. This corner is a trap for leaves and wasn't looking too appealing. These were crowding my peonies in the backyard so I didn't feel so bad about moving them. In the spring, I would like to plant a bunch of lilies here and get a large pedestal planter where I can change out annuals. Boxwoods are also evergreen.

On the right, I began carving out the garden bed. This is another thing I wanted to do for a while, but just didn't have the energy in me. The grass is so dry that it's easy to dig up. I'm still deciding what to do with the hydrangea back there. I was thinking about planting some knockout rose bushes along the house, but I don't know if there is enough sun here. Also, I want to plant some shrubs that are evergreen. All this other stuff dies back during the winter.

At the store, I couldn't pass these up. Pink bearded irises.
Also, I cut back the roses, lamb's ear, trees, achillea, siberian iris, peonies, foxglove, lavendar and iries. I did a ton of weeding too.

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M and C said...

I really want it to be sunny for just a few hours this weekend so i can weed and get the garden ready for winter.