Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Les Fleurs

Our crepe myrtle bloomed and to my surprise it's red! I really wanted a pink one. I'm not so sure I really like it. It's pretty, but it's in my purple-pink garden! I've also been thinking about moving our dogwood tree. It's not getting enough sun and hasn't grown very much. I might displace the crab apple tree for the dogwood tree.

I got a tiny piece of a bleeding heart from my neighbor across the street. It was squished under a gutter and I asked him nicely if I could have it if he didn't care for it. Now look at it! I know you can't tell how big it is, but if you rolled me up into a ball, that's how big it is. :D

I'm still getting more and more gladiolas. They are so beautiful and what a great late summer flower! All the colors have been beautiful.

My pumpkin vines have finally taken off. They have some really pretty flowers.

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