Monday, July 13, 2009

Lemon Cucumber Plant

My raspberry bush was starting to dwindle and rather than have a big, empty pot all summer, I placed a cucumber plant into the pot along with the raspberry bush. The cucumber plant has really taken off and there are lots of little lemon cucumbers on the vines. I can't wait to see them all pop up. I'm growing very fond of the container gardening. The plants are so much cleaner, less buggy, grow better and there's no weeding involved.

In other garden news:
  • 2 pumpkins are beginning to develop
  • 1 red gladiola is beginning to appear
  • Sunflowers are starting to bloom
  • Lots of english cucumber growing
  • Need to move the Obedient plant, delphinium, wild indigo
  • Next: Work on the garden bed in front of the house

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